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Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Dark Night of the Soul

All the posts you see below were copied over from my other site, due to problems with it. This is the first real post on this site. As I was copying them over, I was reminiscing on the various entries. I came across "Look Ma No Hands" and as this is Easter Sunday, it stuck out. Then for some reason I started to think back several years ago, before I started on my current spiritual journey, to I time when I was going through what has been described as the dark night of the soul by saint John of the Cross. It lasted about a year and a half.

Our Pastor at the time would do this thing where he would ask for prayer requests and on an appointed day during the year he would pray for that individual, for that day. A very admirable intent. So my problem happen to coincide nicely with this yearly event, and we mentioned it to him on the form that is filled out. One would think that if a member of your congregation happen to mention something like this that it might be a good idea for you, as a Pastor, to follow-up on such a thing - but nothing. I assume he prayed for me, and maybe it worked.

As I wasn't getting any satisfying answers from the traditional church, I was forced to look at the non-traditional elements, which eventually led me to the path I am on now, which has completely revitalized my  christianity, which was a good thing, but lead me away from that same traditional church.

Although not in any way to the same degree as Christ's cry from the cross, I can sympathize with him, as I too cried out during this time "my God, why has thou forsaken me". And, as spelled out in that previous post, there was good that came out of it - a movement closer to God personally, and in Christ's case a movement closer to God for the world.

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